Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Critters.....

In the out-backs or Australia there are underground giant borrow cockroaches. They are 3 inches long, and they can live for up to 10 years. They borrow underground to keep cool because it is too hot, and they might dry out... But when it rains they come out to meet to mate and to move on.

Did you know that the lip on the cockrach means its a male......?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


DARE is a book that i just read. its all about a girl that took a dare about a haunted house, she takes the dare and she has to stay the night at this haunted house. Later on that night she hears a voice, its a little girl.....

She turned around and nothing is there.
She finds a room to sleep in but most of them are locked. Finally she finds a room... SUDDENLY she cant breath. Her mouth is filled with.... COBWEBS!
There is a doll she thinks it might have been a little girls room. There was a story about a little girl locked up by her father, then left to die.
Then she herd something, so she shines her torch, its just a rat.
Then she hears that voice...

Its 6 am, she see the light.
When she walked out side she sees a crowd cheering: YOU DID IT LAUREN. YOU'VE WON THIS WEEKS DARE!

DARE is a T.V show. Every week, somebody spends the night in a spooky place.
Of course its all fake.
There is a big screen that shows the house she stayed in. Ali Scott is the presenter of DARE.
Ali says" What was your scariest moment" ?
Lauren says" There was a voice"
Ali smiles, then she stops and has a look at her notes. Ali says" Lauren there wasn't any voice"

Lauren is a bit confused...



Monday, October 11, 2010

Fiafia Night Was Awesome!

As I stood on the side of the stage my was heart pumping, my palms were sweaty. I heard a beautiful sound coming from our Kaia - Shontal, she was amazing, some people close to her were happy and some were even crying, I feel so happy because it felt like I got more Kaha (Strong/Strength ) from her. She leads our group by an example.
Then I hear the guitar start to play that's when I put on my big smile!
The Kapa Haka group was the opening, and I was in it. We only had 4 minutes to complete our performance.
After a great start to Fiafia night I had another performance to do, I was also in Glee.

The Glee group was so Cheesey! It was just so over the top!
I really liked the dance and how we have different turns, and it all made a story. It was all about a girl who was like the head cheerleader or something, she likes a boy on the football team. We had a boys football team!

Thanks to all the teachers who taught us in such a short time.
Another big thanks the glee teachers, and our talented Mubbashira who taught the Indian.