Friday, May 28, 2010

My Personal Shield

Last term we made Personal Shields and they are about our hobbies, our culture, our future and our names.
My plan was supposed to be a diamond shaped background, but I changed it so it will be easier to create and it now look awesome I hope you like my finished product and maybe you can make one your self!

Friends are awesome!

Friends to me are happiness. My best friend is Shontal and she is in my classroom too.
I have written a poem about her.

Best friends are always caring.
Shontal alway plays with me and we have a tight friendship.
To have a best friends like Shontal you have to keep sharing.
Always use the three P's
Protection, Participation, and Partnership.

Thank you to all my friends and my best friend Shontal.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Volcano imovie

As part of Immersion we spent time finding out all about volcanoes. It was hard work but I manged to make a movie about how volcanoes erupt!
I hope you enjoy my movie and maybe even learn something from it.