Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally Point England Intermediate

"Yay"! Racheal and I yelled, "We are the first Point England Intermediate in history" said Racheal.
"Yes I know" ! I couldn't believe it I was so excited, I was jumping around.
I said to Racheal "I wonder who our teacher is and what class we're going to be in"?
When the bell rang I said "Ooh No Its time"
I heard Mr Burt say in Room 20 with Mrs Nua is......
He said a whole lot of names and finally he said "Shaniah".
"Yes"! I have never been in Mrs Nua's class, I was just full of excitement.
Mrs Nua is the nicest teacher that I have met, Ooh and I can't forget about Ms Tito.

We are really looking forward to the year a head in the new Pt England Intermediate.