Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lunar Eclipse

In room 20 we went on a journey to find out what words mean from the solar system. My word was Lunar, and I had to be explain ready with the definition of the word Lunar.


  1. Hey Shaniah,

    Lunar eclipses are cool to see although they can feel a little weird to watch and get quite dark.

    Did you find the definition of "Lunar"? you might get a clue from looking at the difference between "lunar" and one you might already know "Solar"

    Have fun and keep writing :)

  2. Hello Shaniah :)

    I really liked your post about Lunar Eclipse. I think its amazing seeing how the Lunar Eclipse works and when it occurs. But most of all I enjoyed working with you on this project. Keep up the great work Shaniah .


  3. Hi Shaniah
    It seems like you put a lot of effort in to your presentation.Does the lunar eclipse always occur on the same date? hope to see more post from you!!!

    from BobbiGrace