Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Imovie of Rangitoto Eruption....

Rangitoto is the biggest volcano in Auckland, It had a violent eruption 600 years ago.
It was the last to erupt so it probably makes it the youngest. It had 10-50 time gap, It probably erupted twice.

Last Sunday Our kapahaka Group performed at the Auckland Museum

Last Sunday the Point England Kapahaka group went to the Auckland Museum and we were the opening for the Movie Awards. Once we got on stage I couldn't stop smiling, it was like I had a cramp in my mouth. Once we had finished the people that worked at the Museum put on pizza and drinks for us, It was DELICIOUS.....

I would like to thankMs Tito for being a great teacher and for teaching us amazing songs!
I would also like to thank the People that worked at the Museum.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Portrait...

This is my portrait and I never thought it would have turned out as good as this.
I am so proud of my work because I am not an artist but I draw what I can. My music notes at the back of my portrait repesent the fact that I love singing. I get my secret voice from my sister, she is an important role model in my life.

I hope you can get a few tips from my portrait!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Favourite Netball Player!

My favourite netball player is Casey Williams and she is the captain of the Silver Ferns netball team.
Her position is Goal Keeper, and Goal Defence and that is the position that I have been playing for the last couple of netball games.
The best position that I have played is Center and that is an active position on the court. When I grow up I want to try and get into a netball team maybe Mystiks, or Pulse even the Silver Ferns!

Heres Casey Williams in action!