Friday, September 30, 2011

My Favorite Poem.

Laying on the beaches of Whakatane is where on want to be.
My favorite colour is yellow because i think its the best, better then all the rest.
The person I love talking to is Mrs Nua, because she can help you, and understand you.
Chocolate is my number one food its nice but not good for you to eat all the time.


  1. Hello Shaniah ,

    I really liked your favourites poem . I thought that it described everything thing that you liked and I also agree that chocolate is the best . But not all the time . I hope that you keep on posting great poems and keep up the great work .

    Yours Sincerely , Ala

  2. Hi Shanaia
    Loving the poem. I also agree with the chocolate, itś the best.But not all the time.
    I think that you've been working hard on your post that I cant even find anything that you need to improve.
    Can´t wait to read your next blog post.
    Keep it up!