Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Finally Point England Intermediate

"Yay"! Racheal and I yelled, "We are the first Point England Intermediate in history" said Racheal.
"Yes I know" ! I couldn't believe it I was so excited, I was jumping around.
I said to Racheal "I wonder who our teacher is and what class we're going to be in"?
When the bell rang I said "Ooh No Its time"
I heard Mr Burt say in Room 20 with Mrs Nua is......
He said a whole lot of names and finally he said "Shaniah".
"Yes"! I have never been in Mrs Nua's class, I was just full of excitement.
Mrs Nua is the nicest teacher that I have met, Ooh and I can't forget about Ms Tito.

We are really looking forward to the year a head in the new Pt England Intermediate.


  1. Hi Shaniah,
    I was extremely excited on our first day too! It's great getting to know you all, I think you are one of the few kids that I haven't taught before.It's great to see you posting regularly.
    Happy writing!
    Mrs Nua

  2. Hi Shaniah cool skin! You really like posting, keep up the fantastic work!

    From Tanielu

  3. Hello Shaniah, my babygirl, its me your mommy, hope im not embarrising you, oops i think i spelt that wrong, just having a browse at your blog, its great to see you playing sports and really enjoying school, keep it up im so proud of you, love you to bits........... MUM