Friday, August 5, 2011

My Fitness level

"I have to at least get up to level 2", I mumbled.....
Running to the line I could feel my heart thumping and people cheering my name. I thought This isn't that hard. BUT I spoke too soon. This beep test was harder than it looked. A beep test is when you run 20m to a line and back continuously until you basically faint.
There is only 20 levels that you can go up to and this is one way to show how fit you are.

This was my very first time to do this test, it was very disappointing as my score was 2.6.
I think I could have done better than that but we can only get better at things.

The next time we participate in this test I will be sure to get over level 4 in order to achieve this goal I need to practice, and run more often.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Scottish Flag

The Scottish flag.
The white colour on the flag represents: Peace and Honesty.
The blue colour on the flag represents: Vigilance, Truth and Loyalty, Perseverance and Justice.

The Cross on the flag means: The Scottish flag is the cross of St. Andrew

A fact about Scotland!
I found out that the capital of Scotland is Edinburgh.