Thursday, September 16, 2010

My favourite teacher.....

My favourite reading teacher was Mrs Katu, Sadly she passed away from a long illness.
She always used to help me with my reading, and if it wasn't for her I would not know how to read. I always used to get stickers from her. She was a very kind and generous lady. I feel really sad because I miss Mrs Katu and I had not seen her since last year.
I attended her funeral service last night, it was very sad.
I wish the Katu family all the best....


  1. A lovely tribute to Mrs Katu, Shaniah. I reckon that she was one of the funniest teachers at our school - although I don't think Mr Burt always liked her jokes during meetings! I'm glad that you got to perform at her funeral service, it must have been nice to say goodbye.
    I too miss her.
    Miss King

  2. What a lovely tribute to a special lady. Just like she helped you, she had helped many kids over the years.
    I am so glad that you all went to help give her a special send off.
    Mrs Nua

  3. Kia ora Shaniah. I was so proud of our Year 7 students at the funeral. You represented all the students who have loved Mrs Katu during the many years she spent at Pt England School VERY well. There were a lot of past pupils in the congregation who are now adults and they remarked on how well you all sang and held yourselves during the service. Thank you for that, and for this lovely memorial post.
    Mrs Burt

  4. On behalf of Mrs Katu's family this is very lovely, you and your fellow students of Pt England School did an amazing performance at her funeral service. She would of loved it, we still miss her and always will. She also loved everyone of the students she taught again thank you so much for making her night remarkable she would be very proud of you all. Also with the numerous amount of cards she received from the school it has gone down with her so it is treasured with her...Thank yous for the love and support from Mrs Katu's Family...
    (Jordina Katu)

  5. I was a student of Mrs Katu for 2 years. She was a great teacher, funny too. I remember when I finished primary I'd walk past her and say hi while she was supervising the kids on patrol. So sad to hear about her passing, but I am sure she is in a better place now. One of the greats at Pt England. She will be dearly missed.